Question: How Do I Open a NERO LARP Chapter, a NERO LARP Adventure Club, become an LARP Affiliate of NERO (Games "Based Upon The NERO Rules", or Open a Sword Fighters Guild?

Answer: GO HERE!

Question: How Can I Sponsor NERO® LARP Events?

Answer 1: Become A NERO LARP Chapter Owner: This is the Option that most individuals choose. This option grants all the authority, responsibility, and decision making upon the business owner(s). NERO LARP Chapters often encompass at least one major metropolitan area and several smaller surrounding cities. Learn More about why people choose to be a NERO® Chapter Owner!

Answer 2:
Host a NERO LARP Member sponsored event: If you are a member of NERO® in good standing, you can become authorized to operate several types of events under certain conditions. See Member sponsored events.

Question: What is the Telephone Number of the NERO Office?

Answer: Telephone 914-309 - 7718

Question: What are the best times to reach the NERO Office?

Answer: Tuesday Thru Thursday 10AM to 10PM are the best. Any day between those hours is good.

Question: How do we get our team page added to the World of Tyrra

Answer: There is a $20.00 setup fee, and we will add a single page to the World of Tyrra table of contents on the NERO LARP website. A $5.00 fee is charged each month when you request updates (and supply us with the info).

Question: How do we suggest web links for your related links section?

Answer: < href=" Go Here for more information.

Question: Is there a Survey I can answer to provide feedback?

Answer: Yes! Go Here and Answer the Survey Questions

Question: Is there an extensive survey for me to complete?

Answer: Yes, it is available on the Members page between January 20th and February 15th of each year.

Question: I am an Artist, Where Do I Send My Original Artwork for it to be used on the Website or in NERO Publications.

Answer: Contact the NERO Office for more information.

Question: If I submit my paintings or illustrations, and NERO uses it on the Web Site, in Publications, or in any other way, do I Get Paid, and how much?

Answer: No. However, if you work a deal with us before hand, and you submit multiple pieces that we use, you will be paid $10-$20 per illustration or graphic piece used.

Question: I sell product related to NERO and/or Live Action Role Playing, How do I get a Link in the Related Links section?

Answer: Go to the NERO Link Swap Program and follow the instructions!