The NERO® LARP organization is actively seeking expansion to all areas of the United States, Canada, and the world.
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Why Join NERO LARP®?

NERO® LARP is the most well known name in the Interactive Gaming community. Interactive Gaming is also called Live Action Role Playing (LARP). NERO LARP Chapters regularly operate medieval themed weekend vacation retreats, with a focus on interaction and mystery solving. Members interact with each other in the same medieval fantasy setting, the World of Tyrra, and use the same interactive game system – the NERO® LARP Rule Book© and the NERO® LARP Game System©. There are also tournaments of the sword to enjoy, occasional live chess games, and, if you dare, an adventure or two may be had ‘outside’ the safety of the ‘village’. Lets take a look...

  • Founded in 1986 by Ford Ivey, a Game Store owner in Boston, MA, NERO® is on its 25th year anniversary, with more than 45 NERO LARP Chapters in the U.S. and Canada. We encourage Game Store owners to consider sponsoring a NERO® LARP Chapter in their area.
  • Existing Market Base of players in the United States and Canada, and we continue to grow each month. With more than 1 Million LARP players worldwide, NERO and other LARP organizations like it, entertain father and son, mother and daughter.
  • The Interactive Gaming market base continues to flourish with the resurgence in the popularity of fantasy and medieval genres.
  • We offer you a chance to build your own business that provides entertainment and enjoyment to others. Your success in NERO will depend on your direction, initiative and discipline, with a strong International support system to aid in all of your endeavors.
  • We offer the opportunity to participate in the growth of a relatively untapped industry in certain areas of the U.S. and Canada through the acquisition of new members and construction of the in-game world and out-of-game rules development.
  • We offer the opportunity to operate year round events which can generate a continual monthly income whether you have land that is owned or land that you can rent.
  • NERO® LARP Chapters have Unlimited Growth potential. NERO LARP has a history of running weekend events with between 30 and 700 people in attendance. Many of our most successful businesses operate with near 100 members in attendance.
  • If you own real estate suitable for running a LARP, rent it or partner with NERO LARP Chapter to generate additional income.

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Business Related Support and Services

  • A NERO® LARP Chapter Owners Mailing List to share important announcements, marketing plans, and questions.
  • Nationally Sponsored Conversation Groups, that each NERO LARP Chapter has representation on, to share experiences and advice with peers regarding game rule development, and marketing, thus making all of our staff groups and businesses stronger. These groups include;
    NERO® LARP Chapter Owner Group
    NERO® LARP Game Rules Group
    NERO® LARP Storyline Group
  • Inclusion in the NERO® LARP Online Database, a LARP Member and Character tracking site that allows Members to view and manipulate their NERO LARP characters online, anytime.
  • Databases, in Filemaker PRO or MS Access, that track Members, Characters, In-Game Equipment, Treasure, and all of the other facets that
    support a NERO® Business and Campaign.
  • National support in Decreased costs for NERO Rule Book©, NERO
    Coin©, NERO Tags©, NERO Masks©, Make-up, Duct/Kite Tape, Kite Spar, and other supplies through bulk purchases, group discounts, and Sponsor Company’s.
  • NERO® encourages NERO® LARP Chapter Owners and Staff to participate in the growth and strength of the overall business by managing national projects and attending national conventions (See Convention Section).
  • NERO® offers its chapter owners and staff personal a unified site,, with all business policies, best practices and supporting information.
  • The NERO® Office provides advice via the NERO® LARP Campaign Manual© to help you operate a successful Business and Game.
  • Surrounding Interactive Game and related businesses that want to work with you not compete with you! See Sponsor links.
  • Advice on running a successful and entertaining game to get and retain members and event attendees.
  • A Guide to help you manage your Staff members and volunteers and to properly compensate them for their time and effort within policy guidelines and limitations.

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Marketing Related Support and Services

  • The Benefit of nationwide marketing through the efforts of the NERO Office, paid for in part by royalties of all NERO® Chapters.
  • Marketing through attendance at the largest Conventions in America such as GenCon, ICON, Mars-con, DragonCon, Arisia, InterCon, RuneCon, ShoreCon, Memphis-Con, and many, many others.
  • Advertising through Renn Faires such as Las Vegas Renn Faire, CT Renn Faire, King Richards Faire (MA) and others.
  • Advertising through Magazines such as Dragon, Dungeon, Realms of Fantasy, Renaissance, and others.
  • All of the needed documents and materials needed to run new player adventures at the Game Convention in your area.

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Web Oriented Support and Services

  • Each Chapter is provided its own Web Site Domain, and Web Site Hosting is provided by the NERO® Office.
  • Our national website,, offers a Calendar of Events for all NERO LARP Chapters to place their event dates in. This Calendar of Events is where the majority of our traveling players go to see if there is an event in their area on any given weekend.
  • Web Site Support: The NERO Office has guides to aid with Meta Tag and Search Engine utilization that will get your link listed close to the top of the most popular search engines in America. Optionally, you may be able to help us with your advice!

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Member Related Services and Support

  • Online NERO Member Discussion Forums.
  • An Online Database that tracks Members, Characters, Goblin Points, and Experience awarded and allows its members to update their own character online. HttP://

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Game World Services and Support

  • Documented Cosmology of the In-Game World.
  • Documented Races of the In-Game World.
  • Nationally sponsored representatives that attend local NERO Events to help promote NERO and the game world.

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