NERO® Generic Component Number Policy
Version 1.0 081302
For NERO Rules: Mike Ennis
This is not an optional play-test, and will be in effect in all NERO International Tyrran Chapters as of August 13, 2002.

The Objective of this policy is to offer standard identification numbers that can be used to create formal components of non-standard description.
There are now standard generic numbers that any chapter can use to represent formal components without restriction as to the description of the component. This will allow chapters to put out components of description other than the standard Pine Cones, Death Knight Bones, Dragon Scales, etc. The numbers and their types to be added are as follows:

ID Number Type
C11001 P1
R11001 P2
C11002 C1
R11002 C2
C11003 D1
R11003 D2
C11004 E1
R11004 E2
C11005 S1
C11006 T1
C11007 V1
C11008 S/R1
U11008 S/R1
U11001 P1
S11001 P4
U11002 C1
S11002 C4
U11003 D1
S11003 D4
U11004 E1
S11004 E4
U11005 S1
R11005 S2
S11005 S4
U11006 T1
R11006 T2
S11006 T4
S11007 V4
U11007 V1
R11007 V2