NERO LARP Chapter Cross Promotion
The National Office is continually promoting all of the licensed NERO Chapters through Conventions, Web Sites, Meetings, Rule Books, Magazines, Word of Mouth, and through many other media.

Each NERO LARP Chapter is expected and encouraged to promote all other NERO LARP businesses and games, equally. For example, if a Licensee's Internet Web site contains links to other NERO LARP Chapters, it should contain a link to ALL other NERO LARP Chapters. Alternatively, it could have a link to the Http:// Local Chapters page.

Discussing neighboring NERO LARP Chapter games is a good thing. Scott plays NERO LARP Mass (Ravenholt) and also NERO CT (Avendale), and Scott posts to Avendale mailing list that the NERO Mass game was good and vice versa. There is no harm in this, and it often strengthens the bonds between the NERO LARP Chapters.

Posting Event Dates to each others boards, or having a Forum for Other Chapter Event Dates is encouraged as well, as there are many players who play many games. If there are multiple chapters with the same event dates, the dates should be posted to all chapters’ message boards and mailing lists to make sure we are getting the maximum awareness. Lets all make sure we are civilized about conflicting dates and that the mailings are coordinated. If all the chapters put out an advertisement together, then the players will be able to decide with all the information before them.

Posting Rumors about another NERO chapter would be inappropriate, but if there is a message from/about a NERO® Chapter on the wrong board, a quick e-mail to the chapter involved would be cool so the rumor can be slapped down, answered, rebutted, etc..

Each Chapters Webmaster uses their own discretion when removing posts that 'don't seem right' for the site.