Welcome to the World of Tyrra, the premier repository of information and documentation relating to Tyrra, its inhabitants and all realms beyond. Countless authors, historians, artists and archivists have worked tirelessly to bringing these texts and tomes together for those who would seek out their contents.

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New Players are encouraged to start with Daniel Comstock's essay: A Brief Introduction to the World of Tyrra

Current Events
Proclamations from Evendarr

Sociological Pursuits
Culture and Society - An overview of social customs across Tyrra.
Laws and Nobility - Documentation relating to the courts of the nations of Avalon and the laws they uphold.
Artistic Archives - Poetry, songs, fantastic tales and art of Avalon.

The Physical and the Arcane
Histories and Timelines - Eyewitness accounts, letters, journals and other documents relating to actual events.
Magic and Extra-Planar Cosmology - Texts and tomes centered on magic and planes of reality, beyond the prime material.
Tyrran Cartography and Geography - Informational texts relating to the physical geography of Tyrra and maps can be found here.