Nero has games thoughout the United States and Canada.
Find a chapter near you or see some of the other options below on how to get involved.

FIND A NERO LARP Live Action Role Play Chapter

NERO LARP Chapters use the NERO® LARP Rule Book© 9th Edition and produce NERO Live Action Role Play events that take place within the Tyrran medieval Campaign - with 40+ licensed NERO Chapters across the U.S. and Canada and about 300 weekend-long events scheduled in a year.

Start an Affiliate Chapter
LARP Affiliates are NERO Chapters and other LARP businesses that are affiliated to NERO and produce events that are "based upon the NERO Rules". These organizations are affiliates and therefore you can expect the same high quality LARP production of NERO LARP Chapters.

LARP Magazine
The Live Adventure Magazine is all about the Live Action Role Play and Cosplay industry. In 2006 I published The LARP Magazine and it showcased The LARPY Awards and dozens of LARP Groups, Organizations, and Businesses across North America. It's December 2016 and we're moving to LARP World Magazine and hope that this new LARP Magazine will be the magazine that everyone reads to keep up to date with the Live Action Role Play industry.

Start an Adventure club
The Adventure Club program allows NERO Members to hold Member Sponsored Events in there local area with the support of a local NERO Chapter or the National Organization.

Conquest America
Conquest America is seen as a Country Wide LARP event that is produced by a joint venture between NERO LARP and many other LARP groups, all working together to produce a high quality multi-thousand person LARP event. The first event will be in 2017 or 2018 in North Carolina at the permanent NERO LARP park in Mount Gilead, NC, or somewhere else if the group chooses elsewhere. If you're interested in joining staff, contact joseph valenti.

LARPY Awards
The LARP Awards (LARPY) are produced by a joint partnership between NERO LARP, Ballard Media and Ryan Entertainment in 2006. Held in Hollywood, the LARPY Awards honor the world’s best LARPers and celebrates the Sci-Fi and fantasy films, TV series, video games, card games and books that inspire all of us to make the world a better place through the power of creativity and Imagination. the next one is coming on 2017 or 2018!