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ConQuest of Mythodea 2005 Live Adventure (LARP) Convention in Germany

Joseph Valenti, Dan Comstock, and Noah Mason attended.

The ConQuest of Mythodea LARP Game had 3,500 attendees.

Dan - The sign on the front of the Mercinary / Solider faction quarter says "Our Honor for Your Gold."

These were two warriors of the Amazon camp. Some were dressed like barbarians, in leather and fur, and some were dressed like Valkyries.

The Ordo Solis armory contained several tower shields, long swords, armor, and polearms.

Dan - When the Black Ice raided the mercinary camp, they faced seige engions, boiling oil, and crossbows.

These two demon knights were covered in blood by the end of the battle. The Orc in the background was just passing through.

From Left to Right: Sir Squire Faustus, Sargeant Simon, Squire Byron

The Fire Shrine

This Orc's had a worm in his head that pushed his eyeball out. If he pushed the eyeball back in, the other one would pop out, so he switched each day.

These are some of the younger members of Ordo Solis. They still put in their time for Guard Duty.

Here's the Iron Fist, the mercenary group which Faustus (Noah) and Byron (Dan) joined.

Here's the Iron Fist, eating

This is after Noah and Dan joined the Iron Fist

The Iron Fist, showing off their newest members.

An Iron Golem

Some Night Goblins (from Warhammer).

a fierce looking Orc

I couldn't get enough of these Uruk Hai.

the Ordo Solis

The Ordo Solis celebrate another victory

The showers of Mythodea

Justice led the Silver Dragon to each camp

To the Air Avatar's joy, the Silver Dragon with 50 feet finally arives safely back in the Air camp.

Justice sported for mead to celebrate a quest well done

Stormhammer also stayed in the air camp. Their chant was Semper Fidelis. Sadly, they lost two of their brothers to the Black Ice.

The Straw Man was created to fulfill one of the Fire Camp's quests.

The Mad Gobblyn was a tavern inside the 20,000 square foot dungeon. Its usual patrons are orcs, drow, and other races that don't fit into the city

The Wedding Feast

On Friday night, Brother Farfalla (far right), Paladin, married the beautiful Gisella.

more of the wedding feast

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