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Year 2004 and Year 2005 Page 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

Robert Ferguson


Courtesy of Jenn Flentge

The House of the Short Folk; Taken at the Nero Midwest Season Opener, April 2005

Bling (Chad Peeters); Zev Zartane; Marcos

Come, meet these gentlemen for a drink in the Avendale tavern, in Old Lyme CT (2005)

NERO Middle Tennessee

Entering the Cave Event

Lionel Vogt

The Cat-people of NERO are called Sarr. This particlar feline stands 6' tall, weighs 265 lbs, and eats 4 Goblins, 1 Orc, and 2 Troll's on a good day of hunting.


This feline cat-person, called a Sarr, is A Black Panther.

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