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NERO® Formal Magic Logistics Play-test
Version 1.1 092602
For NERO Rules: Mike Ennis, Original Concept by NERO Ohio/West Virginia



The objective of this play-test is to help reduce the burden of formal magic marshalling.


Any character with the appropriate skills can cast formal magic spells at check-in as part of logistics if he wishes. In order to do so, the character turns in the required components to the production station at check-in, along with a completed Formal Magic Casting Record, and all scrolls that are to be used. The caster will not need to role-play the casting of the formal magic spells that are cast in this way, and he can only cast spells using auto-success. No spells may be cast in Dark Territory at logistics in this way. Special plot-related formal magic castings must always be cast in-game and cannot be cast using this method. At the end of logistics, the formal magic caster will have the appropriate number of levels removed from his first day’s ability, and all scrolls that were not used up will be returned with the appropriate modifications to them. If for any reason the production staff person cannot complete the caster’s formal magic logistics, all scrolls and components will be returned to the formal caster and he will be forced to cast the desired spells in-game using the standard rules for formal magic casting.  Spells that target an unwilling spirit, an item that automatically resists such as a circle of power or ward, or that are “in-game’ unlawful within the local region cannot be cast in this way.

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