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NEROŽ New Player Deaths Play-test
Version 1.0 092602
For NERO Rules: Mike Ennis, Original Concept by NERO Ohio/West Virginia



The objective of this play-test is to allow brand new players the opportunity to learn the game without suffering the penalty for any deaths during their first event.


Any first-time NERO player will not have any of the deaths taken during his first event count toward his character. This means that any newbie will essentially get unlimited deaths during his first event. This policy is done as a service to new players so that they can get used to the game before being penalized for their deaths, not as a way to abuse the system and be immortal. All deaths taken by a newbie should still be role-played appropriately. Any player that is deemed to be abusing this policy for intentional gain or detriment to the game or other players will be dealt with accordingly, at the discretion of the local chapter affected. This benefit only given during a player's first game, and experienced players that start a new character will not be allowed these unlimited deaths.

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