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NEROŽ Pick Locks Play-test
Version 1.0 092602
For NERO Rules: Mike Ennis, Original Concept by NERO Rules Council



The objective of this play-test is to create an option for chapters to use in instances where the core lock picking rules violate local laws.



In chapters in which this play-test applies, a character with the skill Pick Locks will automatically be able to pick a lock after sixty seconds of concentration.  In order to perform this skill the character must have a suitable lock-pick phys rep that must be at least 2 inches long.  This rep is not a tagged item, and need not be anything more than a straight piece of metal.  In addition to concentrating, the character must have the lock-pick phys rep in his hand and must keep both hands in contact with the lock during the entire 60-second duration.  The character must have nothing else in his hands during this time.  Please keep in mind that NERO International greatly prefers the realism and challenge involved in our core lock picking system, and that this option should only be used in an instance that would prevent the core rules from being used in play.

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