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NERO® Storage Locker Play-test
Version 1.0 092602
For NERO Rules: Matt Sims




The objective of this play-test is to add a fair way to deal with the acquisition of tagged treasure with no phys reps during the course of game play.



Each cabin on site may have a chest or closet designated as a storage locker.  This area and only this area can be used to hold tags without phys reps.  The area must be clearly marked as a storage locker by an OOG notice, and it must also be defined on the marshal notes.

A portable storage area can be used as well to carry items from module sites (not to module site if additional equipment is to be brought on a module to be used then actual phys reps must be brought) or from cabin raids in which the contents of a storage locker were taken.  The portable storage area must be a container (chest, sack, etc.) that can reasonably hold the items carried within if a phys rep were actually attached.  In addition the container must be stuffed to appear full if being used to carry tags without phys reps to give the impression that things are actually being carried.  A tag may be removed from a storage container and attached to an actual phys rep to be used.  The actual tag must be found and taken out of the container and attached to the phys rep or held by the person wielding the phys rep.  You cannot remove a tag and call a hold to get an appropriate phys rep.  If an item could not reasonably be expected to fit in a storage locker the tag for it may not be placed within the storage locker (for example you could not place a polearm in a 3’ long storage locker).  Only production items may be placed in a storage locker without a phys rep. Magic items and other game items must always have a phys rep attached.

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