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News Item: NERO LARP Office Announces Appointment of Michellee Charland as Customer Survey Manager
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Posted by jvalenti
Saturday 15 June 2013 - 01:51:01

Joseph Valenti d/b/a NERO® Live Adventure Games, LLC

June 14, 2013

Contact: Joseph Valenti

The NERO Office is proud to announce the appointment of Michelle Charland as Customer Survey Manager.

• Michelle is fully empowered to develop a comprehensive NERO Member Polling System that compiles the preferences and opinions of the NERO Member base.
• Michelle will manage chapter owner and member polling, with responsibilities to include survey content setup and reporting.
Michelle will be responsible for several initiatives;
1) The annual NERO LARP Member Survey. This has already been added to the new NERO LARP OnlineSystem at http://NEROlarponline.com and will go live October 01, 2013 and remain active for 4 months. The Customer Survey Team under the guidance of Michelle Charland still needs to review the proposed survey questions and approve of them or make alterations as deemed necessary.
2) The quarterly NERO LARP Member Survey which asks a dozen questions to get a feel for how NERO members feel on certain topics. Most of these topics are started on FaceBook and other forums where discussion is had, but the survey and subsequent alert to take the survey - and the 1 blanket of experience you get for completing each survey each quarter - is meant to get every NERO member involved. This is much like the existing survey that is on the http://NEROdb.com site now.
3) The annual NERO LARP Chapter Owner Survey which goes live November 01 of each year, and remains open until January 31 the following year. We generally ask about 15 questions of the owners to rate from 1-15 in order of priority. This will be open to NERO Chapter Owners only.

Please join us in welcoming Michelle Charland to the NERO LARP National team as Customer Survey Manager.

Joseph Valenti d/b/a NERO Live Adventure Games LLC

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