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News Item: The NERO LARP Office Announces Darrin Myers as Director of the Tyrran Campaign Plot Department
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Posted by jvalenti
Friday 31 May 2013 - 04:27:56


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May 30, 2013

Contact: Joseph Valenti
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The NERO Office is proud to announce the appointment of Darrin Myers as Director of the Tyrran Campaign Plot Department, effective immediately.

Darrin will direct a team of between 20 and 30 people, including Managers, who are part of the Tyrran Setting Team, World Plot Team, Regional Plot Teams, Race Team, and Politics and Nobility Team.

A NERO veteran of over 16 years, Darrin has been staffing both NERO LARP games independent LARP systems for over 10 years.

Darrin has a vision for insuring that everyone who attends a NERO LARP Event is involved in the fun, and able to impact our shared game worlds.

Recently, Darrin served as Event Director for 2013's successful NERO National Event hosted by his home chapter, NERO Atlanta.

Darrin is looking forward to traveling extensively to many local NERO Chapters in the next two years, and getting to know the Local Plot teams who make the NERO LARP shared vision come alive at a higher level of quality than ever.

Please join us in welcoming Darrin Myers to NERO National staff as the Director of the Tyrran Campaign Plot Department.

Joseph Valenti

The Tyrran Campaign Plot Department is in charge of developing the plot lines that affect the National setting. The main way this department portrays the setting is by creating content for seasonal or annual “World Events.” A world event is something significant and far-reaching that affects the entire campaign.

The methods they use to communicate the story are primarily modules run by national staff members, local impact modules, and plot submissions, but also in-game news posts and setting description documents such as “A Traveler’s Guide to Evendarr.”

Generally, the plot teams create content to support the world event which can be used as wrote or further developed by any chapter. This department also generates source material pertaining to Tyrran history as well as the current standing of the various national factions and locations. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Joseph Valenti has been the owner of NERO Live Adventure Games since August 03, 1998 and manages a staff of twenty people across the country.

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