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News Item: NERO LARP Office Announces new Chapter in Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Posted by jvalenti
Tuesday 27 September 2011 - 19:02:34


NERO® Live Adventure Games, LLC
Barnesville GA

September 27, 2011

Contact: Joseph Valenti
(914) 309 – 7718

New NERO® Live Action Role Play (LARP) Chapter opens in Grand Rapids, MI.

The NERO LARP office announced the opening of its newest NERO LARP Chapter in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. It is owned by David Greene, Matt Bitterling, and John Reynold, and will be using the NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition.

Matt and John will manage the business side of the NERO LARP Chapter in addition to helping run events. They will insure that camps are rented, props and costumes are purchased, and that promotional materials are distributed.

David will act as the General Manager and Head of Plot, managing NERO LARP Chapter staff while coordinating the many long and short term storylines that are the foundation of LARP Chapters everywhere.
David has been LARPing since 2002 and a NERO LARP Member since 2005. In 2008, David joined the staff of several NERO LARP Chapters and also helped produce events for four other non-NERO LARP’s.

Lacy Warfel will be leading the Grand Rapids Michigan NERO LARP Chapters Plot team. Lacy has been playing NERO LARP games since 2006 and was Head of Plot for two seasons at NERO DarkReign, the LARP the runs in Kalamazoo Michigan area. Lacy has played an array of table-top and Live Action Role Play games for more than a decade.

Jennele Berry will be leading the NERO Grand Rapids Michigan Logistics team. Jennele has been a NERO LARP Member since 1999, has played at hundreds of NERO LARP events, and been active in logistics at other NERO LARP Chapters.

NERO LARP Grand Rapids Michigan will likely be scheduling events at “Little Pine Island Camp and Retreat Center” www.lpicamp.org

Promotional efforts will include attending local game conventions, advertising at local Game Stores, and engaging college and high school game clubs to try LARPing.

Visit to learn all about NERO LARP events in the Grand Rapids Michigan area.

Visit The NERO LARP website to Take the NERO LARP Tour, Download the Free NERO LARP Rule Book, Open a NERO LARP Chapter or Find Company Contact information.

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